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Waste disposal


The disposal of waste is a main topic when dealing with HSC-treatment. Generally,
the chips are of no problem. However, the disposal of smokes and various dusts,
that result from milling graphite or ceramics are problematic. You would be
confronted with high MAK-values without an adequate disposal. Further more an
uncontrolled emission of smoke and gas would cause higher wear at the guiding
ways as well as at the elements of acceleration.

For the treatment of flat material Wissner developed a new outrageous disposal
system (look at: Tension, W.hold&press).

Wissner also worked out a revolutionary Tornado-system to treat any form of
material with a movable axes. This system offers extraordinary advantages.

 no more retooling at different treatments necessary
 no lost of space because of this system
 extremely good disposal of developed smokes.


Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.






Wissner copied from nature the function of this patented system. The normally
disastrous effect of whirlwinds and tornados is used valuably to evoke a local
whirling system around the milling cutter. With this a local suction is also created
around the milling cutter at longer tools, too. Smokes are swirled up and sucked
into the hole of the suction. Heavy parts that cannot be taken away by the whirling
fall into the covering cap, that should cover the whole work table ideally.

Starting with the version PERFORMANCE a blocking air stream protects the
systems underneath the bellow. Also the measurement elements are protected
by a blocking air stream to prevent smallest parts of waste from entering.
A kind of stripper system upon the guiding devices and the actuation systems
offers additional protection.

Otherwise the disposal would commonly demand a large disposal systems with
high energy and maintenance costs.

The brilliant Tornado-system possesses for the waste disposal simply a
    connection for a commercially  available industry vacuum cleaner on the back
    of the machine.
The concentrated Tornado-whirl just needs a surprisingly little air stream.
    Hence, it is enough to use very small suction systems with minimum
    filter systems.
Accordingly, such an usual industry vacuum cleaner sufficiently works normally
    to create the effect of the Tornado.





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