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Automatic tension of smallest milled pieces

The system W.hold&press presents an outstanding combination of a tension plate
and a holding-down appliance. With its special holding-down system it counts as
the unique, brilliant and forward-looking complement to the vacuum plates


Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.




This patented system W.hold&press offers unbelievable advantages:

fully automatic tension of very small elements to be milled
 nearly total disposal of chips and especially of oily swathes of mist
 protection of the user via security technique so that an operation without
    cap is permissible
 drastic reduction of noise.

A ring-shaped holding-down system is connected to the Tornado-suction that acts
in a small circle around the milling cutter. It presses the work pieces upon the
vacuum area with high tension pressure. Hence, this system W.hold&press offers
an additional way to stabilize the work piece directly at the point of the milling
action. Accordingly, every single small milling element is hold safely and any kind of bleeding of the surface of the work piece is almost fully avoided.

The holding-down appliance creates an air-buffer via compressed air as to keep the
surface of the work pieces as little scratched as possible. Consequently, it works
nearly contactless. The result is first of all milling work of highest quality also at
smallest work pieces. Secondly, the milling cutters will last very long.
This durability comes from the secure hold within the whole system W.hold&press.

The Tornado-head disposes effectively chips and dust. These waste elements
developed are moved to the Tornado-head by the holding-down appliance and the
effect is an astonishing good waste disposal. Since the holding-down system is
freely movable in the height it can follow any unevenness of the material or
tolerances of the work pieces without problems.

A security guide exists around the Tornado-head. This device guarantees an
emergency-stop of the machine, whenever an unwanted contact happens. This
could be either with a part of the work piece that overlaps or with the hand of the
user. Concerning safety regulations, the complete W.hold&press system is
secured properly together with a direct covering of the milling cutter so that you
can even work without a hood. The extremely positive aspect of working without a
hood lies in the special ergonomical handling: no more annoying and
uncomfortable opening and closing of a hood is needed any longer. The access
to the machine is totally free. Therefore milled elements that are finished can be
taken out or examined already during the milling process already.




Further more there is a most effective reduction of noise because of the direct
covering of the milling cutter. This corresponds exactly to the modern demands of
a more human working surrounding which leads, after all, to a more comfortable
working atmosphere.

Altogether, Wissner´s W.hold&press offers you highest productivity in a most
sophisticated way also when milling smallest elements. Additionally, the whole
operation process allows cleanest and most noise-reduced working.









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