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1955 - Basicly the story of the enterprise begins with the birth of the
          managing director Rolf Wissner.

1977 - During his studies of engineering he constructs the first Wissner
          machine "NC1" - a CNC regulated machine with 12 spindles and a
          Fanuc control system.

1978 - Rolf Wissner takes over Wissner LP. of his father - the development
          of further NC-machines follows.

1987 - Tremendously fast business development within the first year:
          delivery of 17 machine systems. These were predominantly easy
          machines, nowadays so called HSC-machines of the model
          Alpha and Delta.

1988 - Construction of the second workshop hall. Introduction of the
          line of product Witec.

1989 - Construction of the third workshop hall. Fabrication of the first
          laser machine.

1991 - Production of the first laser machine based on an environmentally
          sealed laser.

1992 - Production of the first machine that combines the capacity to
          laser and to mill.

1994 - Fabrication of the first machine that works in five dimensions.

1995 - Inauguration of the second plant.

1996 - Introduction of the control system Heidenhain.

1998 - Construction of the machine model Gamma, as a successor
          of the lighter model ALPHA.

1999 - Introduction of the new control system HSC 3000.


Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.



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