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Wissner got 20 patent protections out of 27 applications for a patent
within the last years.


These patents include the following areas:
  Motive power engineering
  Tension power systems, especially tension with vacuum
  Process control systems
  Rod kinematics

Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

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Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.


Extracts of some interesting patents below:

Patent 4030113 Vacuum receiver
   The speciality of this vacuum receiver is its ability to tense any kind of
   blanc automatically.
   No further precautions are needed any more to prepare the vacuum
   receiver for the blanc it is supposed to tense.
   Outrageous short change-over times are the convincing result.

Patent 4218247 Tornado-suction

   The disastrous force of Tornados in nature got peacefully used for this
   patent to create a local suction force around the milling cutter.
   Very high depression is formed locally by supporting rotations of the
   spindle and other tools.
   As a result dust and smoke is sucked very effectively not only locally but
  also at a wider radius from the suction centre.















Patent 19626174 Combi-suction
   Often different cooling systems are needed in mould making.
   The combi-suction integrates several cooling systems and no more
   change-over is necessary.
   Smokes, such as oil-smokes, are sucked in an optimal way by
   using only very little lubrication.
   Without change-over it can also be switched to liquid cooling that takes
   away the waste in a canal system. This waste is carried away via
   refuse worms below the machine table.

Patent 19853757 Bipot W 2
   Rod kinematics will surely replace conventional control systems in the
   future. Bipot W 2 describes a very sophisticated machine system that
   is also easy to construct. Its application are 2 ½ - dimensional works
   at highest acceleration and with the necessity of high stiffness at the
   X and Y axis.

Patent 19853756 Tripot W 3
   Three rods contain all cartesian coordinates. Two open degrees of
   freedom - the plunge of the spindle- are stiffened via a parallel
   steering mechanism. This results in a surprising simple movement
   system for three-dimensional applications. Overturning and the angle
   of incidence of the steering at the fixed side of the machine allow to
   adjust the spindle as to reach the mobility of a hexagonal system.
   However, using the Tripot W 3 the construction is much more simple
   than at a hexagonal system and the danger to tense the whole system
   in a negative way is absolutely eliminated.



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