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Brilliant secure laser-guide appliance for a very best quality of the cut

Thanks to the W.laser-power.guide the laser hits the current operation spot
constantly. By this the intensity of the laser comes into operation in a better
way than at common laser systems. Wily, the capacity of the laser machine
refers to its power at the source of the laser. However, this does not mean at
conventional laser systems that the same power exists at the work piece. Instead the laser intensity is reduced on the piece to be treated. This reduction results
from the fact that lasers are conventionally placed firmly within the basement of
the machine. The usage of tilted mirrors becomes necessary as to guide the
laser beam out of its fixed position to the active operation spot. Every single
mirror lowers the power of the laser beam of 1-3 %; you mostly need three and
more of such tilted mirrors at a stationary laser. Two disadvantages result from
this which the W.laser-power.guide improves skilfully:

 In the first place, the laser can be following-on with the W.laser-power.guide.
    It follows the movement of the operation area along the X-axis. Hence, tilted
    mirrors are not needed any longer and the power of the laser is about 3-9 %
    stronger compared to the common systems.


Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.



with W.laser-power.guide                              without W.laser-power.guide 







 Secondly, the way of the laser beam becomes much shorter at a movable
    laser. Lasers are characterized by divergency although they are extremely
    focused at the source; the farther the operation spot is from the source the
    larger the divergency will be. This can be compared to the light cone of a
    pocket lamp that widens the larger the distance is.
    The W.laser-power.guide keeps the distance in between the laser and the
    work piece to an absolute minimum all over the machining range.

The laser always hits the current operation spot efficiently and safely with the
W.laser-power.guide. Accordingly, the cut of the laser is always of outrageous
best quality.


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