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Swivel tables

Wissner´s modular rotary tables can be installed at every machine. Being thought
of in advance a subsequent installation of the rotary table may also be possible.
The rotary table could also be taken off again to give space for a larger work piece.


Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.



Rotary tables can be configurated as an A-axis or as a C-axis. A-axes are mainly
used for roller fabrications. Rollers of up to 6 m length can be treated with the
according support. C-axes are rather an advantage for small and medium-sized
work pieces. Additionally, at an A-construction the machine looses just very little
work space because of the overhang shape of the basic machine body.







The actuation can be equipped with a gearing engine. However, it has to be taken
into account that a certain reversal process causes a moderate dynamic.
This causes measures in between 15 to 60 seconds of an angle according to the
type of gearing. The construction with Torque engine would be the state-of-the-art
actuation. A large engine actuates the work piece directly without any gearing.
Being very strong these engines surely bring the necessary turning moment.
Accordingly, these engines are cooled by water, as not to bring too much heat
into the whole system.The result is a fascinating system with an enormously high
dynamic because it works without reversion process. Even work pieces of smallest
and medium diameter can be handled. These tables are constructed in a very
compact way. Therefore only a very little clearance zone is lost at the portal

The rotation systems, which are very precise give the necessary information about
the current position to the control system. There is extremely good exactness of
2-20 seconds of an angle because of the direct connection with the hub flange.

When working with small work pieces it is advisable to place the rotary table onto
a swivelling axis. This way rotation or swivelling movements can be realised
simultaneously. This version is also very compact but functions mainly for small
work pieces. However, as a very positive characteristic counts the large clearance
zone in the height


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