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Swiveling heads

All swivelling heads developed by Wissner present the enormous advantage of a
little overhang length. Skilfully the spindle is swung in a way so that barely any
portal height gets lost. The swinging out and turning is even independent from the
size and weight of the work piece.

Occasionally, a manual version of the swinging out is at use. A certain angle can
be hold by a nonius. Frequently used or important angles might be fixed via an
index-stick. Even 5-D works are possible with little effort at an according 90°
swinging tension of the work piece.

Machine system
in the application
Duration: 5 min.

Video Maschinenbau WiTEC

Dental milling technology in
the application
Duration: 12 min.

Video Dentaltechinik

Determined by the system this
can taking a little time.





A geared motor works at CNC-controlled versions. Possible errors because of
tilted mirrors cannot be barred totally here as well as at the rotary tables.

The actuation for the swivelling heads is realised by Torque engines for
HIGH PERFORMANCE applications. The large direct engine is placed within the
Z-axis and does not consume much space. The advantages of this construction
are an extremely compact size and especially an enormously high dynamic.



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